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Besides teaching an award-winning course for master students at the Technische Universität Berlin, I have given numerous trainings, talks, workshops, coaching sessions, and seminars on many topics: ranging from the basic sciences to sustainable entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence & society, cognitive dissonances, finding purpose, and scientific research methods. I have also worked in education and training management.

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Speaking Engagements

From conference presentations, to live interviews, to panel discussions, even an invite to do a TEDx talk and a podcast episode, I have had the pleasure of communicating some of my knowledge to the public in several occasions. Here are some examples.

Aligning Work & PurposeDonna Peters & Lubna Rashid
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Pink Gradient_edited.jpg

"Honestly the best class in the master degree I had so far. I am fascinated by your aura, openmindedness, honesty, critical thinking and the unique atmosphere you created in this course."

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"Thank you for being very empathetic and sensible. You always handled situations well."

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"I just I love the presentations and hearing so much about topics that I would otherwise not have had the chance to discover. Thank you so much for organizing the class - we all really enjoy being there!"

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"Amazing class, very engaging with a good topic and nice atmosphere. I particularly love how she links the content with theories from
social sciences, sociology and biology."

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"Thank you very much for bringing a very unique perspective and having a unique way of teaching. You create a very intimate atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and able to share even personal things. This is never happened to me in my whole student career but I am very fond of this style."

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"The presentations were really interesting. For the first time in my educational history I was looking forward to another course session."

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"Ich fand den Kurs wirklich extrem toll strukturiert und gegliedert, repräsentiert wirklich genau das was ich mir vorgestellt habe [...] und es dementsprechend meines Erachtens der beste Kurs den ich an der TU bisher hatte (in 8 Semestern
Bachelor + Master)."

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"I really liked the course, the deliverables, the slightly different approach to teaching an university course. Learnt a lot and really liked the atmosphere. Very professional moderation in challenging situations."

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"You are definitely the most awesome person I came across in 2022. You just inspire me by being you."

After having given periodic workshops and training sessions for different universities and non-profit training centers, including I.S.I. e.V. in Berlin, Neoma Business School in France, and my alma mater Georgia Tech, I finally now teach a full master-level course at the Technische Universität Berlin which I designed from scratch.


The course is called "Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Challenging Global Contexts", where I combine theories from psychology, ecology, and economics to create reflection spaces on sustainability and the future of work amidst various crises. I won't say much more about it, but I will let the student testimonials

speak for themselves.


At the faculty's (bi)annual award ceremony in November 2023, where I won the the best teacher award based on student nominations and testimonials as well as academic Jury selection. 

Training Management

I also worked as a project manager and training coordinator with SE Factory, a highly successful Lebanese coding bootcamp (2016), as well as for the first round of the soulincubator, a startup support program focused on the plastic waste reduction, with soulproducts GmbH in Berlin (2020).

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