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Since August 2023, I have been working with Prof. Dr. Elke Weber from Princeton University, funded by the Einstein Foundation and closely tied to the up and coming Einstein Center Climate Change. Our research group is called CREDiBl (the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions in Berlin) and is embedded within the Science of Intelligence Cluster at the Technische Universität Beriln. My research focuses on personal experiences, social norms, and various other psychological drivers (e.g. mental well-being and cognitive dissonances) surrounding the climate transition, particularly in the areas of building and transportation in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Prior to that, I was a researcher at the Technische Universität Berlin's chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, working closely with Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer, first as a doctoral student and from May 2020-August 2023 as a postdoc. My research focused on entrepreneurship's role in sustainable development, particularly in conflict and fragile contexts, with specific attention to the role of technology. I was also a research fellow at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society working on digitalization, new work, and mental health.

My Publications

I know that publishing scientific work in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals is still hailed as the golden standard for science communication by the academic community. Nevertheless, I am hoping that my generation of researchers would really change that to make science more accessible and relatable beyond paywalls and jargon that only a few understand.

In this spirit, I try to publish in open access formats as much as possible, in addition to communicating some of my findings in blog posts, magazine articles, teaching, and speaking engagements (see "The Educator" page). I am also working on combining my research with artistic experiences (see "The Performer" page). I write in English, German, and Arabic.

Curious to see my full list of projects and publications? Here it is! If you would like to access any document that appears unavailable to you, please reach out!

In Preparation


Rashid, L., Composto, J., Weber, E. Drivers of Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in the Digital Era: The Case of German Workers in High-Emitting Industries (conditionally accepted to present at the Weizenbaum Conference 2024).

Identity, Belonging, Social Norms and Environmental Engagement of Arab Workers in High-Emitting Industries in Germany (with Laila Omar and Anna Bhanniny).

How German Technologists Perceive and Engage with Sustainable and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (with Björn Somplatzki).

Patterns and Frames in German Political Climate Communication: A Topic Modeling Analysis of Governmental Press Releases (with Sarah Luck, Tim Repke, Arian Trieb, Stephan Bohn, and Elke Weber).


Emotional Dissonances, Moral Disengagement, and Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in Small German Towns: A Spotlight on Leadership and Political Engagement (with Vanessa Hiess, Jan Kratzer, Elke Weber)


Small-Town Mayers and Pro-Environmental Behavior: The Role of Emotions (with Jan Kratzer, Karina Cagarman, Vanessa Hiess, and Rebecca Demmler)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Hager, M., Rashid, L., Alzafari. (2024). Media Narratives on (Ecological) Sustainability: A Topic Modeling Analysis of Entrepreneurship News in the MENA Region. PLoS Sustainability and Transformation.

Rashid, L., Möckel, C., Bohn S. (2024).  The Blessing and Curse of “No Strings Attached”: An Automated Literature Analysis of Psychological Health and Non-Attachmental Work in the Digitalization Era. PLoS One.

Zalkat, G., Barth, H., Rashid, L. (2023). Refugee Entrepreneurship Motivations in Sweden and Germany: A Comparative Case Study. Small Business Economics.

Rashid, L. (2023). An Eclectic Analysis of Entrepreneurship Motivation in Conflict and Refuge: The Syrian Context. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 48 (3).

Lammers, T., Rashid, L., Kratzer, J., Voinov, A. (2022). An Analysis of the Sustainability Goals of Digital Technology Start-ups in Berlin. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 185, 122096.

Rashid, L. (2022). Research Methods for a Fragile World: A Personal Reflection and Actionable Recommendations. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Karahan, M., Rashid, L., Kratzer, K. (2022). Gearing-up for Purpose: The Relationship between Entrepreneurs’ Usage of Incubation Support Services and Sustainable Impacts. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Eroglu, Y., Rashid, L. (2022). The Impact of Perceived Support and Barriers on the Sustainable Orientation of Turkish Startups. Sustainability. 14 (8), 4666.

Rashid, L. (2022). Bursting the Bubble: Why Sustainability Initiatives Often Lack Adequate Intention to Action Translation. Small Business Economics.

Rashid L. & Cepeda-García S. (2021). Self-Categorising and Othering in Migrant Integration: The Case of Entrepreneurs in Berlin. Sustainability. 13(4): 2145.

Rashid, L., Alzafari, K., & Kratzer, J. (2020). Founder Personalities, Behaviors and New Venture Success in Sub Saharan Africa. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 151, 119766.

Rashid, L. (2019). Entrepreneurship Education and Sustainable Development Goals: A literature Review and a Closer Look at Fragile States and Technology-Enabled Approaches. Sustainability, 11(19), 5343.

Middermann, L. H., & Rashid, L. (2019). Cross-Country Differences in Entrepreneurial Internationalization Tendencies: Evidence from Germany and Pakistan. Administrative Sciences, 9(3), 54.

Reed, L. K., Lee, K., Zhang, Z., Rashid, L., Poe, A., Hsieh, B., Deighton, N., Glassbrook, N., Bodmer, R. & Gibson, G. (2014). Systems Genomics of Metabolic Phenotypes in Wild-Type Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics, 197(2), 781-793. .


Magazines, Blogs & Opinion Articles

Rashid L. (2024). Dolma from a Plastic Plate: Environmental Psychology and Women Empowerment. دولمة عراقية في طبق من البلاستيك: علم النفس البيئي وتمكين المرأة. Untold Magazine (حكاية ما انحكت). Links to Arabic version and English version.

Rashid L. (2021). How do digital tech companies get away with unsustainable behavior? The Case of Nature: Digital Ecocide. Digital Society Blog, The Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG).

Link to Article

Rashid L. & Yousef D. (2019). دوافع ريادة الأعمال في فترات الصراع واللجوء: السياق السوري مثالًا. Syria Untold (حكاية ما انحكت).

Link to Article

Working Papers, Reports & Policy Briefs

Weber, E. & Rashid, L. (2024). Zwischen Klimawissen und Klimahandeln: Eine psychologische Erklärung. Die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (BPB).  Link to Article.

Masmoudi, M. & Rashid, L. (2023). Determinants and outcomes of innovative entrepreneurship in a turbulent context: The case of post-revolution Tunisia. HIIG Impact Publication Series. Link to Paper.

Rashid L. & Cepeda-García S. (2020). Selbstständigkeit von Flüchtlingen in Berlin: Motivationen, Herausfordenungen und Fördersysteme. Am Beispiel des Projekts LOK.STARTupCAMP international. LOK.a.Motion GmbH/ IHK Berlin. Link to Report.

Rashid, L. (2018). “Call Me a Business Owner, not a Refugee!” Challenges of and Perspectives on Newcomer Entrepreneurship. Center for International Governance Innovation, World Refugee Council, Working Paper No.7. Link to Paper.

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